About David Moncur Engineering

Fully licenced by Professional Engineers Ontario to provide professional engineering services to the public, David Moncur is a past member of the PEO Council and member of many committees of the Association. Presently he sits on the Complaints Committee and was appointed as the first Stipulated Order Referee by PEO.

David Moncur has been retained as a private consultant to Ministry of Labour Inspectors.

We prepare written reports and will appear in court to give testimony as an expert witness.

Over twenty-eight years of electrical/mechanical maintenance experience ranging from high voltage installations to CNC computer applications. Analysis of over 60,000 failures involving all types and manners of industrial equipment.
This equipment includes but is not limited to the following:

  • high voltage circuit breakers (27,600 volts)
  • high voltage (13,800 volts) motors
  • high voltage switchgear (27,600 volts)
  • medium voltage circuit breakers (5,000 volts)
  • medium voltage transformers (5,000 volts)
  • medium voltage switchgear (5,000 volts)
  • low voltage motors (600 volts)
  • low voltage switchgear (600 volts)
  • low voltage transformers (600 volts)
  • DC motors
  • AC and DC generators
  • servo motors
  • electrical/electronic controls
  • photocopiers
  • toasters
  • radios
  • irons
  • computer controls
  • PLC controllers
  • CNC machine controls
  • traction motors
  • hydraulic/pneumatic controls
  • machines conveying systems
  • welders
  • robots
  • industrial machine controls

  • Involved in over 700 fire loss investigations, including origin and cause evaluation. Clients include major industry, Government agencies, lawyers, insurance companies, engineering firms, and private individuals. Responsibilities included analysis of failure, recommending and implementing repair procedure, preparing repair estimates, providing expert opinions on quality of work and materials, reviewing invoices submitted by contractors.

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